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Grocery Shop Website Solution

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  • Facing the problem of under stocking when there is demand from customers or losing money due to overstocking when there are no customers to buy your products?
  • Interested in knowing who buys what and when?
  • Do your customers crowd your stores so much in the peak hours, that you loose some customers due to non service because you are already serving too many customers?
  • Do you wish to keep track of your orders and sales item wise for better decision making?
  • Do you wish to highlight certain products or enable or disable products that can be sold on your store easily?

 If any of the above is your cause for concern then you have come to the right place.  We are providing you the opportunity to transform your shop into a digital webstore where you have all information at your fingertips that can help you make sound and profitable business decisions. Customers can review and buy products from the comfort of their home and place orders online. The digital age has arrived and if you do not change with time then all your hardwork will go waste right before your eyes as others embrace technology and grow big. Going online costs very less compared with the large amount of benefits it provides.

We do not just talk but show you an actual demo of website that you will get.  You can review it fully before making us your preferred choice to develop your online presence.

Benefits of deploying your Shop website through us:-

  • Free trial for one month with all regular features without any conditions.
  • Professional Website pricing starting from as low as Rs. 5000/- ($100) and Ad supported website price at Rs. 500/- ($30) only per Year.
  • A fully functional demo link given below for customer facing website and admin panel.  The website is fluid and works on any mobile also.  Please contact us on whatsapp or call us for guided tour of the website.
  • Free Customer analytics and business insights on customer behaviour stats.
  • Free Professional Quality Mobile website as additional benefit for no extra cost. Customers can place orders through their mobile from anywhere.
  • Manage orders from your email and mobile handset.
  • Ability to display products category wise like diary, pulses, grains etc.
  • Automatic showcasing products with Most Bought, Top Discounted and Newly added.
  • You can update pictures, prices and discounts available on website through your admin panel.
  • Instant emails to you and customer on every order and you can view the order details in your email.
  • Free social media integration for twitter and Facebook to increase the social reach of your website.
  • Customer registration facility.
  • Customers can order though your website.
  • Customers can Message you though your website.
  • You can show your shop location exactly on Google Map to enable customers to reach you.
  • Customer statistics like who ordered most and who has canceled orders etc are available on your website in real-time.
  • The basic requirement for you is that you should able to browse Internet and check emails.
Click here to view sample website now   Click here to view sample admin panel now

In case of any further queries kindly contact us on Whatsapp/Mobile 940 871 6943
or directly email to us at miragewebstudio (at)

Mirage Web Studio Website Hosting and Development Plans for Grocery Website effective from 1/4/2017

One time Registration Charges 500 5000 2000  
AMC Charges 500 (yearly) 5000 (yearly) 3000 (Recurring annually)
Website Development Charges Free Free Please contact us Charges may vary as per requirement
Mobile Website Free Ad – Supported Basic Website Ad-Free Basic Website Advanced Website as per requirement  
HTTPS Connection (Secure connection between server and client computers) Yes (Default) Yes (Default) Yes (Default)  
Local Language Website in addition to English Not Available Not Available Multi-language options Available  
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Basic Basic Advanced  
Regular updation of Website code Whenever possible Regularly updated Regularly updated on Priority Basis  
User Customisations ermitted as feasible on additional charges Permitted as feasible on additional charges Fully customisable.(You can change what data the website displays)  
Support Charges Nil (1 month free telephone support and email support) 500 (Year Round telephone support with email) Depends on Support level required  
Domain Type Free and available Sub domain on 1 Free 1 Free  
Max Concurrent Users allowed/feasible in website 1 5 >5  
Custom Email No Yes Yes  
Display Ads on Normal website Yes No No  
Display Ads on Mobile website Yes No No  
Payment Options for your website for your customers Not Available, but you can provide Pickup & Delivery options Not Available, but you can provide Pickup & Delivery options Pickup & Delivery,Debit Card Purchases and Net-banking for Online purchases, PayTM and other mobile payment Gateways Fees by collection agencies will be charged as extra
Order Tracking and Product Updation Facilities will be provided on Website and Orders can be directly emailed to user email Facilities will be provided on Website and Orders can be directly emailed to user email Customer defined software developed for product updation tracking  
Support Best effort basis through email Best effort basis through email/Phone Business Hours live Phone Support  
Online Inventory Management and Sales tracking Available on request for additional fee Available on request for additional fee Available on request  
Minimum visitors a month required to maintain the website 10 None None  

*Terms& Conditions Apply

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